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Truck on freeway

How the Sharing Economy Will Create Trucking Capacity Out of Thin Air

Logistics startups that operate as “sharing economies” are using technology to unlock underutilized capacity in the trucking sector.


The Chinese New Year Effect: Why Supply Chain Managers Are Freaking Out

Read about how the largest human migration shuts down the global shipping industry for nearly three weeks every year.

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Top Shipping Trends of 2015

A review of the biggest trends that shaped the shipping industry in 2015

Truck driver in cab

5 Tips for Retaining Truck Drivers During Peak

The truck driver shortage is forcing transportation to take a closer look the way they treat their drivers.

Partnering Shippers and carriers

10 Tips to Improve Shipper-Carrier Relationships

Logistics providers are only as reliable as their network of carriers, which is why forward-thinking 3PLs are listening to their carriers’ concerns and building long-term, collaborative partnerships.

Supply chain logistics factors

Top 7 Supply Chain Trends for 2016

A list of the top 7 supply chain trends that logistics professionals should have their eye on as we approach 2016.

Collaboration in logistics

Collaborative Supply Chains Are Driving Manufacturer Growth

Learn how collaborative supply chains are driving growth in manufacturing and logistics. By sharing technology innovation and excess capacity, overall efficiency increases for all stakeholders.