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Top exports by state infographic

Airplanes Are Biggest Export in 14 U.S. States

Airplanes are the largest U.S. export by revenue in 14 states, according to U.S. Census Bureau data. That’s good news for supply chain and logistics providers.

API for logistics and warehousing

Is Electronic Data Interchange hurting your supply chain?

It’s time to switch to an API If your logistics company was around when the film Wayne’s World hit theaters, odds are you have, or have had, an Electronic Data Interchange. EDIs came into widespread use in the 80s and 90s as a way for companies to transfer information back and forth.┬áThe technology was amazing […]

RFID chips for manufacturing

Track freight with RFID – the Internet of (Small) Things

Advances in radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is reducing the size, cost and performance of web-connected sensors to the point that a single tag can follow a product across the entire value chain, from manufacturing to point of sale.

Supply chain logistics factors

Top 7 Supply Chain Trends for 2016

A list of the top 7 supply chain trends that logistics professionals should have their eye on as we approach 2016.

Collaboration in logistics

Collaborative Supply Chains Are Driving Manufacturer Growth

Learn how collaborative supply chains are driving growth in manufacturing and logistics. By sharing technology innovation and excess capacity, overall efficiency increases for all stakeholders.

Venture Capital Is Making Transportation Startups “Smarter”

A new generation of tech startups are bringing new efficiencies to the transportation industry by connecting trucks to the cloud.

Platooning Promises Big Savings for Trucking Companies

Peloton Technologies is a driving automation technology that allows a truck to (safely) drive very close behind another, reducing wind drag by as much as 10 percent.